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Well I have my own theories about this. I recently read an article on why not to blog. It had in it all these things about how your words were out there forever, and that anyone could read it. How the internet was starting to fill up with useless inner workings of the human mind. I have a bit of a different take on the whole thing. Here are my reasons to blog. Pay attention. Get yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy.

It’s much broader than that. Basically I have someone posting it to article submission sites. So it will go to all the popular article sites and it will also go to pbn services. It will be linked back to the site and the category and to the article itself. They’ll be different versions of the article.

Create Content that is written to people not just using keywords – Write to people, not to the computer. Humans will know that you are just writing to get traffic to your blog and they will just ignore your content completely. Be smart about using keywords and trying to build traffic to your Blog. As mentioned on Tip #3, always write from your heart. Give people a sense of being and have them feel as though they received great information.

You may invite a lot of friends and followers to visit your blog site. With the advent of social networking, that problem alone is easy to resolve. However, at the end of the day, it is still the quality and content of your posts that keep your viewers coming back for more information.

Can be a less time-consuming form of communication. A president of a property management firm can get his or her message out to staff and clients all at the same time instead of having to do it individually.

Simple, when creating links, create them like users would. Be overly specific or over simplified won’t work. You need to include your ‘money keywords’, yes, but you also have to consider the subject of the links and what users would be including in a link.

The number one reason to blog – Because everyone else is doing it. And I do mean everyone. We live in a keep up with the Jones world, and this is just another example. So if none of the other reasons appeal to you, doesn’t this one? I mean really, don’t you know Ms Smith down the road has a blog and you would just hate for her to out do you wouldn’t you?

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