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Poker is one of my favorite games to play and I know many people will disagree with me on this, but I think having a family poker night can be a great thing.

You may think that a daftar idnplay professional is really only someone like Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey who appear everywhere and make millions on advertising. Those players are pros but are also celebrities. The most common pro will be someone who works about 50 hours a week mass multitabling the low stakes or grinding out the $5 $10 limits.

The simplest way to spot the nut low is to check which are the two lowest cards, including ace as low, that are not on the board already. For instance on a AKK38, the two lowest cards not on the board are 2 and 4, so these will be used to form the nut low for that board, A2348. If there aren’t three different low cards already on the board then there isn’t a low hand possible.

Having suited cards in Omaha is good, preferably “Double suited” – where you have two different pairs of suited cards, e.g. AhAd5h3d, referred to as “Aces double suited”. Having one or two suited aces is powerful, as if you hit a flush it will be the nut flush.

The aim of the game is to have the best hand at the end. I’ll come to the types of hands later but you have probably heard of things like “two pairs” or “full house” already.

And I also know this; nobody is forcing you to work where you work. I’m sure your employer would be able to find somebody else to replace you, so why do waste your time doing something you don’t love?

I hope you get to see Lake Tahoe. Everyone should be treated to a vacation this nice at least once in their life. If you do get there maybe we will run into one another. I will be at the poker tables.

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Multi Player Poker Room

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