Interior Painting: Planning And Preparation Are Key Factors

Interior painting can be a mess, but nothing else can transform a space like a fresh coat of paint. The chore is relatively easy with a little advance planning. Begin by gathering everything you will use at the center of the room that you will be working in. Put in a pile paint cans, paint trays, paint remover, painter’s tape, rollers, caulk, spackle, putty knife, rollers, brushes, screwdrivers, claw hammer, drop cloths, plastic bags, plastic wrap, razor blade and hand soap.

First apply the chemical solvent to the area you wish to clean and allow it to sit for the recommended period of time, usually at least ten minutes. The solvent is work its way fully into the paint and cause it to blister and peel.

Residential house painting basically involves two areas – interior and exterior. The method as well as materials and tools used for both are different.

8If your kitchen cupboards look tired and worn out think about fitting new doors. Keep all worktops clutter free and add a scented candle. Degrease the oven – have it done professionally if need be.

Adding patterns with your painter decorator spalding project will also add another layer to the overall feel of the room. This can be done in several different ways. Your contractor may do simple stenciling that reflects a piece of architecture in the room, like the curve of the metal on your chandelier, or a geometric print that is captured in the area rug.

The benefits of hiring a handyman cannot be overstated. They will save you money. By not calling a specialized company like a plumber or a painter you will be paying significantly less. Most specialized contractors have journeymen whose union wages are upwards of fifteen dollars an hour. On the other hand you can hire someone yourself for about ten dollars an hour or often one price for the whole project. Also because they want your repeat business they will do the job quickly and well.

Wear clothing that is comfortable and that you don’t care about getting drips on. Hair covering is a must. Wear a cap or some other form of protection. To prevent tracking paint through the house, slip on shoes are a good idea. Alternately, a spare pair of shoes placed in doorways can remind you to take off your paint splattered shoes.

In no time your interior painting job will be done, but don’t remove your tape too fast. Allow the paint to dry at least overnight to prevent anything settling to dribble onto the trim. In the morning as you remove the tape you will be very impressed with the job you did with your interior house painting.

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Interior Painting: Planning And Preparation Are Key Factors

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