How To Create The Perfect Scene For Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Another route for your first anniversary is to go with the traditional first wedding anniversary gift. Traditionally it is something made of paper, be it a card, book, or whatever you see fit. If your spouse is a traditional sort then going with the traditional first anniversary gift may actually be the most sentimental. My personal favorite first anniversary gift, which I purchased for my wife, was a bit of a gag. It was the ‘happy first paper anniversary toilet paper’ which is a roll of toilet paper spoofing the whole first wedding anniversary ‘paper’ theme. I accompanied it with a card and a romantic night out and scored some pretty big points. Gag gifts are, of course, not for everyone but traditional anniversary gifts can be wonderful.

Wholesale Wedding Accessories. If you need accessories for the reception, go through a wholesale dealer, not a wedding supply store — you’ll save a ton.

Invitation. You may easily ignore the budget on your wedding website, but it is not a small budget if you would like to provide dedicated invitations. How to make your invitations unique and economical? I think it is necessary and fabulous to make your own invitations by using your computer and looking up some samples. This will be much cheaper and unforgettable.

Purpose: Tell them what’s going to happen. You’re getting married. You want your community to witness your vows and support and celebrate your marriage.

Third, any numbers should be spelled out, including years. Note that years are not capitalized, so this year is the year “two thousand and ten”, not “Two Thousand and Ten”, nor does one use hyphens except with words like “ninety-nine” (which won’t really be an issue again until 2021). Time also should be spelled out, rather than written in numbers, and you should always use the term “o’clock”, unless you are speaking of twelve o’clock, in which case you should say “noon”. Times, like years, are also not capitalized. The exception to this rule is street addresses, for which you may use numbers rather than letters.

You may also want to add a nice photograph which adds a lot to the entire wedding program paper. A properly selected picture can convey your creativity to your guests and make them inquisitive to be there for the occasion.

For “creative black tie”, the men should again wear tuxedos, but they should add a dash of color, such as a tartan or paisley bow tie. A male guest could also choose to wear a red bow tie and cumberbund instead of the traditional black. The female guests can basically wear whatever they would to any black tie wedding, although you might try to spice up your outfit with a stand-out accessory, such as a spectacular handbag or pair of shoes.

Now, as long as you know how many to order, you are ready to go. Have you given yourself enough time to get them, complete them and get them in the mail. Not to mention, leave your guests enough time to pencil you in their calendar before it is full. If not, you might spring for express service. You may need it.

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