Diep Reconstruction Is The Best Option For Many Women

Breast augmentation sizing is a challenge for the doctor as well as the patient. Implant sizes affect each woman’s body differently. It is difficult for the doctor to predict precisely whether a 350cc breast implant size will make you a C cup, for example, until they get into the surgery. A 350cc on you may very well look different than on your friend.

There are lots of reasons that you don’t want to go huge on your Breast Augmentation Jacksonville FL surgery. Sure, the idea is to add to what you got and give you the curves that you’ve been missing. With that in mind, think about how you will look with the really big implants. Will you look good, or will you be one of those people that get stared at for all the wrong reasons. Just as having a small chest can get you teased, having an extra large chest can bring on even worse comments. Most women in this position have this procedure performed because they have self esteem issues stemming from their small size; being too large can simply make it worse.

Sadly, some women think that surgery will transform them into their favorite celebrity. Just because a star got implants doesn’t mean you will look like them if you get implants. Of course, you may be able to mimic the cup size of a star, but other than that, you won’t look anything like them unless you already looked like them before.

Once you have a rough idea of the size that you think is right for you then discuss this with your plastic surgeon. He or she will also place temporary implants on your body so that you can discuss this prior to your surgery date.

Being board certified is an important trait of a plastic surgeon. As you look for this trait, make sure he or she is actually board certified in plastic surgery. Along with this, look for he or she being a member of plastic surgery associations. Some associations can provide accountability.

You can purchase a breast implant sizing system online, and this will allow you to try different sizes. All are measured in cubic centimeters (cc) so that your surgeon knows exactly what to give you. Bra sizes are not accurate at all. For example, a C cup isn’t an exact measurement. Many differently shaped woman wear C cups. By using one of the kits at home, (these kits match up exactly with what surgeons use) you will know exactly what you will look like after your operation.

Lastly, does the operation fit your lifestyle? Specifically, I am referring to recovery and costs here. Don’t shortchange the amount of recovery that may be needed. Facial plastic surgery usually is an issue of social recovery (how do I look), body plastic surgery is usually more about physical recovery. (e.g., how soon can I lift or get in and out of a car a lot for my work) Don’t get caught trying to ‘squeeze’ an operation in your schedule when you really don’t have adequate time. That may adversely affect the outcome and cause complications and you may valuable work time. Make sure you have a clear understanding of recovery… before surgery! And make you sure you can afford the operation. While I could argue that your finances are not my concern, they may be after the fact.

A health history will be established as well as an exam. This should tell you whether or not you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation. A look at your expectations of the surgery is also important to make sure that your emotional health is where it needs to be concerning what you expect to gain from this surgical procedure. Some people have images in their minds that have no resemblance to themselves. Being realistic in your expectations will make you much more pleased with the final results of your surgery.

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Diep Reconstruction Is The Best Option For Many Women

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