College Bowl Games Pile Up In Busy Week Ahead

Today, Juanita Watson, Assistant Editor of Reader Views talks with author/writer Paul L. Hall about his latest book “Places the Dead Call Home” winner of Bronze, West-Mountain – Best Regional Fiction in the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

ADVICE: Don’t email anything on your work account that you couldn’t explain to a judge and jury later. Also, don’t send personal emails at work – even from a gmail or yahoo account. After you leave these accounts can and Vinyl Windows Virginia may be accessed searched and used against you. UnderVirginia law, you have NO expectation of privacy on a work computer or cell phone. Further, this is just the kind of thing that motivates an employer to hire an attorney and file suit.

Juanita: Jeanette Koskos is the only female in “Places the Dead Call Home.” How does she offset your predominantly male cast, and what was it like to write through the voice of a woman?

In order to continue efforts to attract tourists, CVBs and chambers turned to government for funding. First, the local city government and then, the local county government and finally, the state government. At that point, it seemed like things were getting really good!

“I was in our kitchen talking to my daughter(she was walking across the floor and I seriously thought it was her. Later realized it was an earthquake. Really didn’t feel or see the house shake. I have several friends whose houses moved, and one of them has some damage, (lives in Abbottstown). My youngest daughter lives on Broadway in Hanover and she felt it and thought it was the neighbors. They live in a double house). But her husband called and told her what was happening.” Penny Louey Storm, Hanover.

By far the most credited with inspiring Fathers’ Day is Mrs Sonara Smart Dodd from Washington. Her father, a Civil War Veteran was a single parent and raised his family of six children in Spokane Washington. Sonara Smart Dodd gained her inspiration whilst listening to a mothers’ day sermon in 1909 – so inspired was she that she proposed a similar day to celebrate Fathers’. In her eyes, her own father had made tremendous sacrifices following the death of his wife, in childbirth. He was a loving and courageous man and she wanted the world to know what an exceptional man he had been. The first Fathers Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

“Almost Heaven” offers a deceptively easy reading experience. Although it delivers a well-told story, it also carries deep truth within its pages. Fabry has written another winner.

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College Bowl Games Pile Up In Busy Week Ahead

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